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 Bowel Cancer Australia Champion for Change

I am proud to of recently become a Bowel Cancer Australia Champion for Change and an advocate to lower the screening age #N2Y

Never2Young is an initiative of Bowel Cancer Australia, providing resources uniquely designed for younger people. Helping younger Australians to better understand their bowel cancer risk and to take appropriate action, raise much-needed awareness and receive dedicated support that is tailored to the needs of young-onset patients.

Bowel Cancer Australia’s Never2Young Advocacy Agenda seeks to improve care experiences and health outcomes for younger people by championing -

  • Greater awareness: among the community and health professionals of young-onset bowel cancer.

  • Lower screening age: below 50, in response to the increasing rates of bowel cancer in younger people.

  • Prompt GP referral: to a colonoscopy for all younger people who present with symptoms that may be consistent with bowel cancer.

  • Improved pathways: that ensure timely triage, diagnosis and treatment for younger people.

  • Better understanding: the challenges of young-onset bowel cancer to improve and tailor treatment, support and care for younger patients.

  • Further research: into the causes of young-onset bowel cancer, helping build a path toward a cure.

For more information on this program visit Young-onset bowel cancer (Never2Young) - Bowel Cancer Australia 

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