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Reports of Fox sightings and poultry kills are increasing in the Northern Suburbs surrounding Kedron Brook.

European red foxes are common in the urban-rural fringe areas as they look for food around rubbish bins, barbeque and picnic areas in parkland and dig in backyard compost heaps. During the day they shelter in thick vegetation along gullies and creek banks, in hollow logs, under houses, in drainpipes and even old car bodies.

Foxes cause many problems as they are opportunistic feeders, known to prey on native animals such as small mammals, rodents, frogs, birds, beetles, moths, earthworms and fish. They are also known to be ‘surplus’ feeders meaning they can kill multiple easy prey animals despite an abundance of available food. They can also injure or kill poultry, livestock and small domestic pets, and have the potential to spread diseases which may affect human health.

Foxes are considered the greatest threat to the long-term survival of many small marsupial species in Australia. This issue requires more focus to ensure the safety of local residents, especially small children.

To report a fox, including the presence of dens, you can submit a feral animal sightings report by calling council on 07 3403 8888.

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